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Are the Blood Moons Relevant
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Nathan E. JonesBy Nathan Jones
Assoc. Evangelist & Web Minister

Ever since 2008 when a pastor from Tacoma, Washington by the name of Mark Biltz announced that he had discovered an astronomical phenomenon that might point to the date of the Lord's return, there has been much hoopla over what he calls the Blood Moon phenomenon. The resulting Blood Moon mania has simply swept Christendom over the past few years, causing some to conclude that a significant prophetic event will befall the world in September 2015.

Dr. David Reagan and I discuss this theory and answer the question above on this week's Christ in Prophecy television episode. Read on for a portion of this discussion.

Defining the Celestial Event

Nathan Jones: A Blood Moon is a complete lunar eclipse. The earth passes between the sun and the moon and the shadow of the earth passes across the moon. The light from the sun bends around the atmosphere of the earth to give the moon a reddish color like blood.

Dr. Reagan: So not all lunar eclipses are full? There's partial eclipses and also total eclipses? We are talking here about total eclipses that cause the moon to appear red?

Nathan Jones: Correct.

Dr. Reagan: Alright, now how rare is this?

Nathan Jones: During the 20th Century, for example, there were 229 lunar eclipses, but in total only 81 totally covered the moon. In the 21st Century, there are going to be 228 lunar eclipses, and of those 85 will be total eclipses.

Dr. Reagan: Total eclipses will be 85. There is something even more rare than that, I understand. It is what's called a tetrad. What in the world is a tetrad?

Nathan Jones: A tetrad is four total lunar eclipses that occur over the course of two years.

Dr. Reagan: Four over the course of two years, okay. How often does that occur?

Nathan Jones: Very rare. There's only been 87 tetrads since the time of Christ. In this century alone there will be eight tetrads. In some centuries there are never any at all.

Dr. Reagan: With only 87 tetrads since the time of Christ, we are talking about something very, very rare?

Nathan Jones: Yes, a tetrad is very rare.

Dr. Reagan: There's something even rarer, and that's what Mark Biltz discovered. That's what I call the Feast Tetrads. What is that?

Nathan Jones: A Feast Tetrad is when the Jewish feasts actually fall on the same dates as those four total lunar eclipses. We're talking about the Feast of Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles.

Dr. Reagan: I think there was a Feast Tetrad in 1967-1968?

Nathan Jones: Yes. Passover happened on April 24, 1967. There was a Blood Moon on that day. Then on Tabernacles of October 18, 1967 another Blood Moon occurred. Then the next year a total lunar eclipse happened on Passover again on April 13, 1968, and then on Tabernacles on October 6, 1968.

Dr. Reagan: That's four Blood Moons occurring over a period of two years and they all fell on the Jewish feasts of Passover and Tabernacles.

Nathan Jones: Super rare! Supposedly there's been only eight Feast Tetrads since Jesus' First Coming.

Three Tetrads

Dr. Reagan: The crucial point here is that Mark Biltz argues that these particular Feast Tetrads tend to be omens, or prophecies, or harbingers of major events that are going to occur in Israel. He gives us some examples. What three examples does he really focus on?

Nathan Jones: Biltz focuses on three example and the eighth tetrad in particular.

One example of a Feast Tetrad supposedly occurred in 1492 when Ferdinand and Isabella expelled all the Jews out of Spain. The second one was 1948 when the Jewish State was created. The third is attributed to 1967 during the Six Day War.

Dr. Reagan: On the surface those events sound very, very, important for those are three of the major events in Jewish history: 1) when the Jews were expelled from Spain, 2) when the nation of Israel was re-established and, 3) when the Six Day War occurred.

But, there is a problem here, and the problem is that the first one of those is not legitimate because the Blood Moon Feast Tetrad occurred after the event. While the Jews were expelled in 1492, the tetrad didn't occur until 1493 and 1494. Therefore, that Feast Tetrad could not have been a harbinger, or a prophecy, or an omen beforehand of any kind for the Jewish people.

Nathan Jones: Yes, this Feast Tetrad totally missed by a full year.

Dr. Reagan: Totally missed! The second Feast Tetrad Biltz pointed to has to do with the re-establishment of the State of Israel which occurred on May 14, 1948. But again, the Feast Tetrad occurred a year later. It occurred in 1949-1950 and so again it was no harbinger or prophecy.

Nathan Jones: Yes, the Feast Tetrad missed the event — again by a whole year!

Dr. Reagan: So, out of the eight of these Feast Tetrads that have occurred since the time of Christ, there has been only one that would serve as a prophecy, or an omen, or a harbinger of something great that was going to happen in Israel. That was the Six Day War in 1967, because the Feast Tetrad actually happened on 1967-1968. The war really occurred after the first Blood Moon of that tetrad in 1967.

Nathan Jones: And, of the eight Feast Tetrads, the first five fell on nothing of significance for the Jewish people.

Dr. Reagan: Nothing of significance — whatsoever! One out of eight is not very good odds.

Nathan Jones: I wouldn't bet on them. No, I wouldn't.

Feast Tetrads

Nathan Jones: With all the Blood Moon mania going on as of late, there must be something major happening related to the Jewish people. What is going on right now that would concern a Feast Tetrad?

Dr. Reagan: We are indeed in the midst of a Feast Tetrad, one that Pastor Mark Biltz has been talking about. It is the only tetrad falling on Jewish feasts that is going to occur in this century, according to the calculations of NASA. That's the reason that Biltz is putting so much emphasis upon this particular tetrad.

As a reminder, a tetrad is when we have four total lunar eclipses, or Blood Moons, in a row over a period of two years. A Feast Tetrad is when you have a tetrad that falls on Jewish feasts.

We are in the midst of a Feast Tetrad right now, falling in 2014-2015. The first total lunar eclipse started in April 15, 2014 on the Feast of Passover. The second one was on October 8, 2014. The third one has already occurred on April 4, 2015 of this year on the Feast of Passover. The final one of the four Blood Moons is supposed to occur on September 28, 2015 at the Feast of Tabernacles.

Right now we are on the very threshold of the fourth Blood Moon in this Feast Tetrad. That's the reason that there's this great expectation that something very significant is going to occur to either Israel or to the whole world.

You've got to keep in mind that when this Blood Moon Theory was first discovered by Mark Biltz, there was a lot of talk that this tetrad pointed to the Second Coming of Jesus. People have backed away from that claim, and most have, and now are talking instead about it just being a major event that will occur in Israel. Certainly this tetrad is not pointing to the Second Coming of Jesus.

Nathan Jones: Is that your conclusion then, that those who are saying this tetrad is going to bring about the Second Coming of Jesus are incorrect?

Dr. Reagan: Right, no, I don't think this tetrad is marking the Second Coming at all. You could give us some reasons why this tetrad is not going to be the Second Coming.

Nathan Jones: I think those who look at this tetrad being significant to the Second Coming of Jesus either put the Rapture at the Second Coming, or they don't believe in any Rapture at all.

For the Second Coming of Jesus to happen, you'd have to have had seven years of Tribulation upon this earth. Then you have all the events of the Tribulation that must occur. You have to have had the Rapture of the Church happen before the Tribulation. You have to have had the Antichrist rising into becoming the one-world leader. You have to have had God's 21 judgments fall upon the world. You'd have to have had seven years pass in order to have Jesus Christ return. There are a tremendous number of events that have to happen before the return of Jesus Christ. Therefore, there's no way that Jesus is going to return by September of 2015, unless it's the Rapture of the Church, and that is a whole separate event from the Second Coming.

Dr. Reagan: Furthermore, I think we need to emphasize the fact that the Bible teaches over and over that we cannot know the date of the Lord's return.

Nathan Jones: No, not at all according to Jesus in Matthew 24:36,44.

Dr. Reagan: We can know the general season, because we are given signs to watch out for, but we cannot know the date of the Lord's return. Sure, it is legitimate to look out for signs in the heavens, but this tetrad is a sign that has no validity in the past except for one time — the Six Day War — and that war actually fell in the middle of the tetrad. We've got one Feast Tetrad out of eight that has any significance. Again, that's not very good odds.

You are not taking any big risks whatsoever if you say in the future in this two-year period of time from 2014-2015 something important is going to happen in Israel.

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