Jesus is Coming Soon! Jesus Returns

Jesus is Coming! | Did Many People Disappear?

The signs of the times — nature, society, spiritual, technology, political, Israel — all point to the soon return of Jesus Christ. Are you ready? Find out why we are living on borrowed time.

Rhodes Responds to Newsweek Program

Rhodes Responds to Newsweek | The Temple Mount

How do we respond to the Media's attack on Christianity? Tour the Temple Mount in Jerusalem with Dr. David Reagan. Two great "Christ in Prophecy" television programs are airing this week!

The 8 Great Debates of Bible Prophecy TV Offers

The 8 Great Debates of Bible Prophecy |
The Mountains of Jerusalem

What's all the debating about? $20 Book. Dr. David Reagan leads a fascinating tour of four mountains in Jerusalem! $20 DVD.

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Bible Prophecy Insights Watch More

Episode 2: Signs of Jesus' Return

What are the signs of Jesus' soon return? You'll get an awesome insight into God's prophetic word — in just one minute!

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