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Lamb & Lion

CiP Journal E-newsletter

» Do Good Works Earn Heavenly Rewards?
16/07/14 07:30 from Lamb and Lion Ministries E-newsletters
Do Good Works Earn Heavenly Rewards?

» America's Spiritual Crisis Conference - LIVE STREAMING Tonight!
11/07/14 07:30 from Lamb and Lion Ministries E-newsletters
America's Spiritual Crisis Conference - LIVE STREAMING Tonight!

» Which Biblical Book is a Major Repository of Messianic Prophecies?
02/07/14 07:30 from Lamb and Lion Ministries E-newsletters
Which Biblical Book is a Major Repository of Messianic Prophecies?

» What is Symbolic Prophecy?
18/06/14 07:30 from Lamb and Lion Ministries E-newsletters
What is Symbolic Prophecy?

» Why, God, the carnage of the Tribulation?
04/06/14 07:30 from Lamb and Lion Ministries E-newsletters
Why, God, the carnage of the Tribulation?

» Register today for the "America's Spiritual Crisis" Bible Conference!
21/05/14 07:30 from Lamb and Lion Ministries E-newsletters
Register today for the "America's Spiritual Crisis" Bible Conference!


Bible Prophecy Blog Rapture Condition

» Iran could accept deal to halt nuclear program for seven years, FM says
15/07/14 21:48 from Rapture Condition - Signs of the Times - Rapture meter
Iran is offering to hold off from expanding its uranium-enrichment program for about seven years in negotiations with six world powers, Tehran's foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, said in rema...

» The Loss of Anonymity, Surveillance, and Government Control That is Accepted By This Generation Paves The Way For Antichrist
14/07/14 16:41 from Rapture Condition - Signs of the Times - Rapture meter
Is the internet turning into BIG BROTHER? Everything we read, watch and buy online will be controlled by government by 2025, claim experts read more

» Will Israel's Ground Attack In Gaza Unit The Divided Arab World?
13/07/14 21:16 from Rapture Condition - Signs of the Times - Rapture meter
JERUSALEM — As new volleys of rockets whizzed toward Israel’s major cities on Wednesday and Israel pressed its intensive air bombardment of Gaza, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel vowed t...

» Dirty Bombs Are More Reality After ISIS Seized 90 lbs of Uranium
11/07/14 19:38 from Rapture Condition - Signs of the Times - Rapture meter
Extreme Islamist group ISIS have seized 90lb (40kg) of radioactive uranium in Iraq which could be used to make a dirty bomb. read more

» Supervolcano Much Larger Than Thought, Heating Up, Melting Street In Yellowstone National Park
11/07/14 19:18 from Rapture Condition - Signs of the Times - Rapture meter
First we hear that the super volcano at Yellowstone is much larger than once thought: YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK - read more

» MAJOR NEWS Muslims Destroy The Tomb Of The Prophet Jonah, The Prophet Seth, And Burn Down 11 Churches
09/07/14 22:04 from Rapture Condition - Signs of the Times - Rapture meter
On Friday a local Nineveh official, Zuhair al-Chalabi said that there is information that almost certainly confirms that members of the organization of the Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant dug ...


Jerusalem Post Ynet News

» One soldier killed in action in Gaza Friday
25/07/14 14:10 from JPost.com - Headlines
One soldier was killed in action in central Gaza Friday afternoon, the IDF said, bringing the number of fallen soldiers in Operation Protective Edge to 35. Fourteen others were injured in the ...

» Lufthansa to resume flights to Ben-Gurion Airport on Saturday
25/07/14 14:01 from JPost.com - Headlines
Germany's Lufthansa said it would resume flights to Israel's Tel Aviv airport on Saturday July 26, lifting a ban imposed in response to fears that rockets being fired from the Gaza strip could pose...

» Diplomatic-security cabinet concludes
25/07/14 13:04 from JPost.com - Headlines
The Israeli kitchen cabinet responsible for diplomatic and defense issues concluded a meeting on Friday.

» Nasrallah: Israel, US collaborating with certain Arabs to erase Palestinians
25/07/14 13:01 from JPost.com - Headlines
Hezbollah secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah accused Arab governments in the Middle East of collaborating with Israel and the United States in "erasing the Palestinian issue&quo...

» IDF declares Oron Shaul, IDF soldier who went MIA in Gaza, killed in action
25/07/14 12:32 from JPost.com - Headlines
The Israel Defense Forces announced on Friday that Oron Shaul, the soldier who went missing after the armored personnel carrier he and his comrades were traveling in was hit by an anti-tank missile...

» Malaysian cyclist warned over Gaza message
25/07/14 11:37 from JPost.com - Headlines
A Malaysian cyclist has been reprimanded by his team after wearing gloves with "Save Gaza" written on them while riding at the Commonwealth Games but he will not be expelled from the comp...

» Lufthansa, Air France to resume Tel Aviv flights
25/07/14 13:34 from ynet - News
Transportation Ministry works to bring back 3,000 passengers stranded after Turkey cancelled flights to Israel.

» MIA soldier Staff Sgt. Oron Shaul delcared dead
25/07/14 13:12 from ynet - News
Shaul went missing on Sunday when his APC was hit by an anti-tank missile. Six other soldiers killed in the same incident; IDF soldier killed Friday afternoon in Gaza, 14 others wounded in past 24 ...

» Turkey says Israel ties at 'lowest level' amid Gaza conflict
25/07/14 12:50 from ynet - News
Turkish deputy PM says because of Israel's Gaza operation 'the normalization of relations between Turkey and Israel at the level of ambassador does not seem possible.'

» Firebrand MK Zoabi to be investigated by police
25/07/14 12:11 from ynet - News
MK Hanin Zoabi to be investigated for insulting a police officer and inciting to violence for an incident in which officer claims he was accosted by the MK after giving testimony against Arab rioters.

» MIA soldier Staff Sgt. Oron Shaul delcared dead
25/07/14 11:34 from ynet - News
Chief Military Rabbi declares dead soldier who went missing on Sunday when his APC was hit by an anti-tank missile, that killed 6 other soldiers.

» Elite IDF forces clash with Hamas terrorists in Gaza
25/07/14 11:20 from ynet - News
Paratroopers kill six Hamas terrorists after elite IDF forces carry out special op on the ground killing top Islamic Jihad terrorists; Palestinians claim over 830 killed.


Christian Post Onenewsnow

» Missing Plane Found: Days After Malaysia Airlines Flight is Shot Down, Air Algerie Flight Wreckage is Found in Mali
25/07/14 10:49 from Christianpost.com > World
The missing plane has been found near the village of Boulikessi in Mali, according to reports out today. Officials confirmed that the Air Algerie flight that dropped off radar Thursday had been fou...

» ISIS Blows Up Muslim Shrine With Biblical Prophet Jonah's Tomb 'to Dust' Because it Had Become a Place of Apostasy
25/07/14 09:30 from Christianpost.com > World
A revered Muslim shrine in Mosul, Iraq, said to be the burial place of the biblical prophet Jonah known as Yunus in the Koran, was reportedly blown "to dust" by members of the jihadist group Islami...

» Meriam Ibrahim Departure From Sudan Is 'Answered Prayer' for Thousands, Watchdog Groups Hail
25/07/14 08:36 from Christianpost.com > World
Persecution watchdog groups who have campaigned for the release of Christian mother Meriam Ibrahim are celebrating her family's departure from Sudan to Italy, with one calling it an "answered praye...

» Gaza: Shell Kills 16 People at UN School; Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon Criticizes Both Sides
25/07/14 07:12 from Christianpost.com > World
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has criticized both Israel and Hamas and urged them to stop the fighting after a shell destroyed a U.N. school on Thursday in Gaza, killing 16 people and injuring...

» Grieving Dutch Mayor Wanted to Deport Putin's Daughter Over Sloppy Handling of MH17 Tragedy as Bodies Come Home
24/07/14 16:28 from Christianpost.com > World
Frustrated by the sloppy handling of the aftermath of the Malaysia Airlines MH17 tragedy in which more than half of the 298 victims were Dutch citizens, a Dutch mayor called for the deportation of ...

» ISIS Jihadist Group Orders Shopkeepers in Mosul to Cover Mannequins With Veils
24/07/14 15:32 from Christianpost.com > World
Members of a militant Islamic group is demanding shopkeepers to cover their store mannequins with full-face veils to abide by the strict Islamic teaching regarding the human form.

» Jackson PD to get a lesson on life and liberty
24/07/14 20:00 from Sections
The police department in Mississippi's capital will receive some instruction on the Constitution – not in a classroom but in a courtroom.

» IRS and atheists settle lawsuit, and ADF watching it all
24/07/14 20:00 from Sections
An atheist group has settled its lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service for not challenging pastors that speak from the pulpit on political issues and candidates. 

» 'AIDS-free generation' unlikely in near future, says researcher
24/07/14 20:00 from Sections
Although there has been extensive research on HIV/AIDS, a cure is not forthcoming for the foreseeable future. 

» Jeffress ponders evolution of 'tolerance'
23/07/14 20:00 from Sections
There's a word thrown around a lot these days but one pastor says it's not being used in the way it was meant. 

» Christian journalist files with EEOC over firing
23/07/14 20:00 from Sections
An Iowa newspaper is being called to task for firing an employee who expressed his Christian beliefs in a personal blog.

» Lawsuit: Town's zoning ordinance targets local church
23/07/14 20:00 from Sections
A church in Texas has been forced to teach local officials about state and federal law that prohibits the exact actions they are taking against the church.

Newsmax WorldNetDaily

» Rep. Jeff Miller Calls for Independent Commission on VA Scandal
13/05/14 22:08 from Newsmax - Newsfront
House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Jeff Miller is asking President Obama to establish an independent commission to investigate shocking – and sometimes fatal – lapses in medical care fo...

» EPA Report Reveals Pornography, Ethical Failings
13/05/14 21:25 from Newsmax - Newsfront
An employee at the Environmental Protection Agency pleaded guilty to charges of accessing child pornography on a website two years ago using his EPA email address, an EPA report says.

» Ted Cruz to Visit Ukraine
13/05/14 18:39 from Newsmax - Newsfront
Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas will visit Ukraine this month and meet with leaders of the protest movement that forced out the country's pro-Russian president

» Biden Son to Work for Ukraine Gas Company
13/05/14 18:26 from Newsmax - Newsfront
A month after Vice President Joe Biden pledged to help Kiev shed its energy dependence on Russia, his youngest son, Hunter, has been named to head the legal department at Ukraine's largest private ...

» Peter King: AQAP Flourished When Obama Scaled Back Efforts
13/05/14 17:47 from Newsmax - Newsfront
The Obama Administration has scaled back its efforts against al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, which has allowed the powerful terrorist group to regroup and regain its strength, Rep. Peter King to...

» Court Blocks First Execution Since Oklahoma Debacle
13/05/14 17:43 from Newsmax - Newsfront
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit granted a stay of execution for a Texas death row inmate on Tuesday hours before he was to be executed to allow time to consider if he is intellectua...

» Listening Congress? 1 in 3 Americans want Obama impeached
25/07/14 12:39 from WorldNetDaily - A Free Press for a Free People
Nearly half of Americans believe that Barack Obama has “gone too far” in expanding his power and many of those – or one-third of all voters – believe he “should be impeached and r...

» Atheism causing 'meltdown of the republic'?
25/07/14 12:16 from WorldNetDaily - A Free Press for a Free People
Michael Savage As Dr. Savage sees it, pro-Hamas elements in the White House are teaming up with neo-cons to beat the drums for war with Russia. As for the administration’s response to the cur...

» Chase faces boycott over 'gay' quiz
25/07/14 11:47 from WorldNetDaily - A Free Press for a Free People
(DAILY SIGNAL) Over 4,000 Americans have signed a petition to boycott Chase bank over a company survey that probed employees about their sexual orientation and personal beliefs. The National Organi...

» Elderly homeowner shoots, kills 'pregnant' intruder
25/07/14 11:41 from WorldNetDaily - A Free Press for a Free People
(NBC LOS ANGELES) Police on Thursday identified a suspected burglar who told a homeowner she was pregnant before he fatally shot her outside his home in Long Beach. Tom Greer appeared to have no re...

» Chuck Norris calls for common sense on GMOs
25/07/14 11:11 from WorldNetDaily - A Free Press for a Free People
I enjoyed your insights on allergies, especially food allergies. But what can we do to protect ourselves when our food supply is constantly being manipulated and food companies don’t even hav...

» Obama now flaunts executive orders on amnesty
25/07/14 10:17 from WorldNetDaily - A Free Press for a Free People
(POLITICO) President Barack Obama insisted for years that he had absolutely no legal authority — none whatsoever, zero, zilch — to slow deportations on a broad scale. Forget everything he’s said. O...

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